Alison Masters Jungian Analysis and Psychotherapy
South London

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Creative commitment

With greater public awareness of the importance of early infancy and wider recognition of the lasting effects of childhood damage, there is growing evidence today why many of us need the couch. For most the 'disaster' has already happened; the question now what to make of our personal history, where we are in our lives. Jungian analytic work is a creative commitment, personal and private. For some, the experience of taking an interest in oneself may be a lifeline, for others, unbearably awkward. Central to the undertaking for us all is a willingness to reflect on the story so far. Analysis is a fertile process providing time for reflection and the opportunity to express the perhaps previously inexpressible. Today we live in a world of radically altered expectations, conflicting ideologies and economic upheaval, yet there is evidence we retain an interest in exploring our dreams, our pre-occupations, the unexpected - ourselves.

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